Fair Play Policy

WOMO Fair Play Policy

We are committed to keeping WOMO a place for real word-of-mouth information so the integrity of reviews is our number one priority (well, number 2 if you count our morning caffeine fix).

Our Fair Play Policy asks you to;

  • Only write about your personal, first-hand experience. Describe your experience in as much detail as possible, mentioning any unique qualities, and include any helpful suggestions you have for other WOMO users or the types of people that might like or dislike the service. Being funny and cool is preferred but optional.
  • Don’t exaggerate the facts. Just tell us about your actual experience, avoiding inflammatory descriptors and generalisations. For example, if you’re reviewing a restaurant and found a hair in your meal, rather than saying “this place is sloppy and unclean”, just tell us that you found a hair in your meal. Or, if the service was slow, rather than saying “the waiting staff are inefficient and lazy”, try something like, “our meals took 40 minutes to arrive and we had to ask for water 3 times before they brought it to the table”. See the difference? This way you’ll come across as a credible reviewer and WOMO users can draw their own conclusions based on the facts you include. (Don’t worry, they’re a smart bunch!)
  • Only review businesses if you are a paying customer. You can’t review a business unless you actually went ahead and transacted with them. We don’t need every business owner’s mum reviewing them!
  • You must disclose any personal connections. If you are in some way connected to a business you review, you can still submit a review (provided you are also a paying customer), as long as you are explicit and open about your relationship in your review. Other WOMO users should know when a reviewer’s perspective may be influenced by personal connections.
  • Only review businesses that you have used within the last 12 months. Your memory might not be as clear as you think it is.
  • Don’t mention any alternative businesses by name (although you can always review them separately if you’ve been a customer).
  • Disclose any special treatment. If a business you review has given you something for free, or a discount, or any special treatment (or if they are intending to give this to you later), you should always disclose this in your review.
  • Avoid negative personal comments. We don’t discourage negative comments or low ratings (provided they are legitimate), but these should be directed at the business, not a particular employee. If you experience bad service, describe what happened but please don’t name the individual. On the other hand, if you had a good experience, you should feel free to mention the name of the person that looked after you.
  • Don’t offend. The use of offensive language or content that is offensive to WOMO users, such as racist or prejudice comments, is not permitted.
  • Ensure your review is unique. Content on WOMO must not appear on other websites.
  • Report any suspect reviews. If you read a review that seems fishy, incorrect, offensive or in some way inappropriate, please click the link that says “Flag as Suspect or Inappropriate”. This will prompt our team to investigate and either verify the review, have the member edit the review, or remove the review if necessary.
  • You should also review our full Conditions of Use.
  • For article publication opportunities refer to our write for us / guest post page