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What Type of Sofa Cover is Right For You?

No home décor guidelines are complete without adding a sofa in your drawing room space! Today, homeowners can add a comfy and compact sofa in their study and balcony area as well. Most homeowners invest in sofa forgetting about its maintenance. The smart ones opt-in for sofa covers as well.

Couch covers, for the most part, come in two structures. They are made of discrete bits of adaptable texture that totally encase the base of the lounge chair and pads, or they involve a thick stack of material that wraps over the seat. The last choice is better for brief purposes, for example, if you know you’re prone to your couch staining from kids, while the previous structure is intended for progressing use.

Sofa covers are one of the most easily accessible home décor accessories that you can purchase online. There are expert service providers from whom you can choose the best products. Make sure you select the best cover that caters to your sofa size, maintenance requirements, and budget capacity as well.

Also, you can choose from the following sofa cover types:

1. The simple stretch sofa covers

The material used for this sofa cover is spandex and polyester. The cover fits the sofa completely. Since the fabric is stretchy, you can pull it down to the legs and ensure that the skin covers the complete furniture. Also, the material is easy to wash. You need to use a suitable washing solvent so that the material doesn’t shrink. It’s best to ask the service provider for the best washing solvent.

Furthermore, you can choose from multiple shades that are available. It’s best to either choose a dark colour or one that syncs in with the home design and wall paint. With regards to your lounge room’s style, the primary concern that integrates everything is your couch. Couches without any assistance can lift the tasteful intrigue of even the bluntest front rooms. They are additionally continually utilized, which brings about mileage after some time. Along these lines, having a decent couch spread is a flat out must.

2. The printed twill covers

It is an exciting option that you can choose. Mostly available in solid and bright colours, the cover has quatrefoil patterns. The material used is spandex and polyester, though designers and manufacturers can add in other fabric to the mix as well. It helps to keep your furniture secure from pets who might scratch the surface.

Also, if children are playing around, the cover protects your sofa from getting dirty. It’s a budget-friendly investment. Before you spend a fortune having a sofa reupholstered or simply toss the entire thing in the dumpster, think about a slipcover. A sturdy couch slipcover will improve your furniture cosmetically and practically. Regardless of whether you have another couch that you would prefer not to get destroyed or a recycled couch that needs a cosmetic touch up, furniture slipcovers set are simple to deal with.

Here’s the manner by which to locate a rock-solid slipcover that will keep your family room looking new. The first (and generally significant) advance to take before buying a slipcover is to consider how it will fit on your household item. A slipcover is known to fit best on adjusted arm pieces, for example, a conventional couch or rocker. In any case, there are slipcovers that are accessible for difficult-to-fit furnishings, for example, T-pad couches or wingback seats. Contingent upon the kind of furniture you need to cover, there are two sorts of slipcovers: one-piece and separate sets.

3. The grip-slip resistant cover

Some homeowners require only a short-term solution for sofa covers. There might be a house warming party or any other gathering where there might be pets and children as guests. It is a perfect cover to secure your sofa. The material comes with excellent liquid-repelling ability. Also, the underside is grippy and thick. You can probably use similar material for your carpet to complement the home décor theme. You can customize this cover to your sofa size. So, if you have a big sofa, you can keep secure as well.

The first (and by and large huge) advance to take before purchasing a slipcover is to consider how it will fit on your family unit thing. A slipcover is known to fit best on balanced arm pieces, for instance, a customary sofa or rocker. Regardless, there are slipcovers that are available for hard-to-fit decorations, for instance, T-cushion sofas or wingback seats. Dependent upon the sort of furniture you have to cover, there are two sorts of slipcovers: one-piece and separate sets.

4. The stylish and functional velvet strapless cover

Homeowners at times want to cover certain parts of the sofa that they have been negligent about. Also, a few sofas get damages by pets and need to get sold at the earliest. If you want to seal this sofa, you can use this flexible velvet cover that slips in easily on the furniture. The cover comes with no straps and provides a snug fit as well.

Texture probably won’t be the primary thing at the forefront of your thoughts when you look for a couch. When you’ve been gone up against with the bewildering scope of texture decisions, you’ll learn about the fundamental differences and the pros and cons. Couch texture types can be isolated into common filaments, synthetics and cowhide. With numerous varieties in every classification, there’s a couch texture to accommodate everybody’s enhancing needs.

Usually, the regular sofa covers come with an elastic band and a drawstring. It helps to cover the sofa from one end to the other. To further enhance your living room aesthetics, try adding in an online art print to bring the room together. Today, you can choose from multiple cover types and materials. Browse and compare the products and prices online to make an informed choice.


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