Using Customer Reviews we Win 75 per cent of our Quotes

Aaron from Security WyseWe contacted Aaron after receiving an email from him and noticing his fantastic email signature. His business, Security Wyse, is part of WOMO’s Happy Customers Program and he enthusiastically explained how they're featuring their reviews via the email signature and Reviews Widget (displayed on his website) is having a huge impact on business;
"We get some enquiries directly through WOMO, but for us, the biggest difference has been impact it's had on our quoting success. We email through our quotes and most people are interested to see our customer reviews. We now win about 75% of the quotes we do – which is pretty good when you consider most people get 2 or 3 quotes and some jobs don't even go ahead!"
Security Wyse Email SignatureHere's the email signature that Security Wyse currently use for their quotes and other customer correspondance…


"I’d say that at least half of our customers are swayed by our reviews – with the other half being mainly swayed by price. Sometimes customers will mention the reviews when booking, but more often than not they don't say anything – but when I ask if they've seen the reviews they'll say 'Yeah, we read through those and they convinced us you must be alright'!"
Security Wyse joined the Happy Customers Program just over 18 months ago and Aaron recalls that he was initially very reluctant to join a paid program – after all, every cent counts in small business. But he liked the concept and thought it would be a good to amplify the positive feedback that they regularly received from customers.
“We sell a fairly expensive product and we’ve got lots of competitors – so having a way to stand out from the crowd gives our business an edge. I’d highly recommend joining for any conscientious businesses that provides good service – it’s been worth far more than the small monthly cost.” 
“Since joining WOMO and using reviews as our main form of marketing, our business has grown by 80% last year and is on track for 80% again this year!”
Aaron and his wife started the business in 2009 and have built it from scratch. Aaron explained that they’re not looking to build a huge business – just one that stays at a manageable size and provides great service to their customers.
About 2 weeks after each job is completed, they email clients to check that they’re happy and request that they write a review. About 20% of customers usually submit a review and now they’ve built up a bank of almost 50 reviews. 

You can see how Security Wyse uses the Reviews Widget on their website below. (There are other examples of the Reviews Widget in action here.) Security Wyse has also been lucky enough to be awarded with some Service Awards (the only awards determined by customer feedback).

Security Wyse website
When asked what his secret to customer service is, Aaron says he's constantly amazed at how easy it is for customer to be thrilled with your service;
"Good service must be rare these days! We just respect customers and treat them as we'd want to be treated. We do our best to get their project done quickly and we’re big on keeping in contact – even if something hasn’t gone so well. It's not complicated."

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