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Top Tips For Finding a Job When You’re Unemployed

If you’ve been out of work for a while, the task of finding a job can feel daunting. The confidence can start to suffer, and so can the belief that you will ever find yourself working and earning an income again.

Long-term unemployed can significantly be affected psychologically, so it’s essential to stay focused on the job hunt and be as positive as possible.

Let’s look at some tips for staying on top of things and ways you can find help looking for a job.

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It’s important to stay active

Not just active in job hunting, but involved in general. The more inactive you are when you’re out of work, the more unmotivated you’re going to feel.

Something as simple as getting outdoors and going for a walk or a jog regularly keeps you feeling enthusiastic, and it’s beneficial for your health and fitness. A daily exercise routine is an excellent habit to get into. While you’re out of work, you might as well be staying fit and in shape.

Finding a job is all about maintaining momentum too, and the busier you are while you’re out of a job, the more motivated and focused you will be.

Being inactive for long periods can also lead to depression, especially if a person is already feeling down and low on confidence because they don’t have a job.

Do something within your community

You could sign up for some volunteer work. It doesn’t have to cost you anything if the book is located relatively close to where you live. This gives you something positive to do where you feel useful and appreciated and also offers an opportunity to advance your skills without any pressure.

Another useful aspect of volunteer work is that you’ll make some new friends and potential contacts. Suppose you impress somebody with the work you’re doing. In that case, they may be able to recommend you to a business owner who has a job opening.

Taking on work experience can help

Just like with volunteer work, offering your services free to get some work experience can also lead to employment opportunities.

For starters, you’ll once again be able to learn some new skills wherever you happen to get work experience. You might also be able to land yourself several part-time work experience gigs in two completely different industries.

Once more, you’ll be making valuable contacts and, if an opening comes up at one of the places you’ve been working for, you’ll likely be the first choice to fill that opening.

Work experience gigs are fantastic confidence builders. You can feel your self-esteem getting a boost and your belief in yourself on the increase.

Monitor the online job boards daily

Most jobs are posted on online job boards such as Seek, CareerOne, Gumtree, Indeed and several others. This allows you the convenience to search for jobs online anytime you please. You’ll really want to do this at least daily, but several times a day would be even better.

These job listings are updated at any time of the day or night, and if you’re the first one in there to apply, you give yourself a competitive edge in landing the job.

Seek help from an employment services provider

Australia plays host to several employment agencies, whether they be in the private sector or government-funded ones, such as a Jobactive provider. An employment agency is on your side, and they can offer a lot of assistance in helping you land a job.

For long-term unemployed receiving Centrelink assistance, you can team up with your local Jobactive provider. They’ll provide training, support, access to their computers, help with writing resumes and hook you up for interviews with potential employers. Employment providers will prove to be your best friend as you continue your hunt for a job.

In conclusion

If you’re out of work and hope to land a job soon, stay active, stay positive and seek some professional assistance. Your new career is likely just around the corner.


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