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Top 5 Things You Should Know When Looking for a Wedding Ring

It takes a lot of effort, patience, and money to look for that one very special ring that you will give to your beloved half. Finding the perfect ring does not come to you in an instant – you need to understand your partner’s jewellery style and do research ahead to choose the memorable ring for your special someone.


Finances are still a significant factor to consider when choosing a wedding ring, especially during these modern times. It is better to spend a minimal amount on a ring that fits your budget compared to buying a very expensive ring that will cost you years to pay, which can eventually inconvenience you and your partner in the long run. Find a ring that you and your partner would love and see if it fits your desired budget. If you could find a beautiful ring and the price still leaves a lot of room in your budget, you can save that money to use in the future. You can spend more money instead on the honeymoon, a fancy wedding band, or even an overseas vacation for both of you. Weddingclub.com.au has various guides on budgeting for that special ring.

The Four C’s

The Four C’s are a widespread deciding factor in the world of rings, especially diamond rings. These C’s include the cut, carat, colour, and clarity. These four qualities of a diamond ring help in determining the quality of the ring along with its price. Cut refers to the way the rough gem was cut and faceted to increase its brilliance. Clarity refers to the “clearness” of a diamonds’ inclusions or imperfections. Diamonds with the highest grade in the clarity scale usually have the least and smallest imperfections. Colour usually applies only to white diamonds as they are ranged from pure white to yellow. And lastly, carat is the measure of a stone’s weight. Carat weight usually indicates the size of the diamond.

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Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing is a crucial factor when looking for the perfect ring. It is not exactly another form of science, but if you get an incorrect size, it may make it seem like it is not the “correct ring”, which can be embarrassing. An incorrect ring size would also take up time and effort for resizing depending on the style you chose. If she wears the ring of her left hand, assuming it is the non-dominant hand, make sure to scale the size down to ¼. There are also free ring sizers you can utilize, or you can visit your local jeweller to get her exact ring size.

Authentication and Certification

It is highly encouraged for ring buyers to always ask for lab certification for a diamond they purchase. This certificate ensures you that the diamond has the characteristics – the Four C’s mentioned above – just as it is advertised. The most reliable laboratories in the industry the GIA and AGS. Go for the GIA certification if you have your heart set on a full-carat, brilliant-cut diamond. Having a GIA or AGS certificate verifies that the diamond you are buying is indeed the diamond the vendor advertised to you. However, be wary of some certifications that are equally unreliable; for example, these certificates can overstate a stone’s quality at an inflated price. It’s good to proper research in this area before investing in that ring.

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Return and Insurance Policies

Any big purchases, especially this one, usually should include insurance. Insurance companies would often ask you for an official receipt or even an appraisal depending on the coverage you will avail. Return policies are usually more complicated, especially if you are on the custom-made route. Find a jewellery insurance company that is trusted and well-known for its excellent service in the industry. Jewellery like rings, especially diamonds, is a massive investment on your part and just like any investment, it needs to have insurance as well. Also, look for jewellers with an understandable and convenient return policy for you in case there are some changes of preference.


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