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5 Important Things to Look For When Choosing a Beautician

When it comes to choosing the ideal beauty salon for your beautifying treatments, it’s about much more than where it is, and how much they charge. You’re putting your face, hair, body, and potentially your self-confidence in the hands of a stranger, so you need to have the utmost confidence in your decision.

Look at it this way – you wouldn’t buy a car without doing a test drive first, would you? The same goes for choosing a beauty salon; you need to do your research first, to ensure the purchase is the right one. You might not consider a beauty salon to be an investment, but it is – it’s an investment in your confidence, your appearance, and your overall image.

Of course, many treatments which are performed in beauty salons also include potentially harmful chemicals and equipment, and you need to be sure that the salon takes health and safety extremely seriously.

The good news is that in order to run a business these days, most salons have to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines, otherwise they could be fined or even closed down. That does take some of the heat out of your decision, but how can you be sure you’re going to get the best quality services, in the safest possible way?

These are five things you should definitely look out for when choosing your new beauty salon.

1. The range of treatments available

It might sound like a fantastic plus point if a salon has a massive range of treatments on their beauty menu, but look at it from another viewpoint – how can the therapists all be extremely experienced in every single one of them? It’s unlikely. It’s therefore best to go for a salon which has a good quality, medium-sized list of treatments available.

Treatments such as manicures and pedicures are standard, as are facials and waxing, but it’s likely that you might want something a little more in-depth, such as laser hair removal services, or advice and products for home laser hair removal at the very least. Shop around and find a salon which uses new technologies, but doesn’t over-stretch themselves.

Basically, make sure that the salon has what you need, but that it isn’t going completely over the top with specialist treatments, which therapists are not performing that often.

2. How much experience do the therapists have?

Ideally, you could look for a mix of experienced, older staff, and younger staff who have been in the job for a couple of years. This means you’re getting the exuberance and new knowledge of newly qualified staff, but you’re also getting the expert, watchful eye of the more experienced generation too.

A mix of the two is something to look for, and also means that you’ll find a therapist who you ‘click’ with, no matter what your age.

3. Registrations, accreditations and awards

2018-service-awardMost beauty salons have registration with various beauty bodies and accreditations from beauty brands/partnerships. Look out for these on the window of the salon, or framed on the wall behind the reception desk. You can also check out their website and see what bodies they are registered with.

What is great to see is a wall filled with framed certificates – that’s a sign of quality and a sign of a beauty salon, which is always sending their staff on new training courses, to continue to improve and update their skills.

When looking at beauticians on Word of Mouth, another great point of difference is the Word of Mouth Service Award. This prestigious award goes out to around 5% of total businesses on the platform. It’s a great indicator that a business has a large amount of satisfied customers and goes the extra mile to make their clients happy.

4. What aftercare is available?

Some salons do not have any aftercare program in place. For certain treatments, an aftercare program can be a big bonus. At the enquiring stage, ask the salon what aftercare arrangements they have in place for their treatments.

Obviously for basic treatments, like manicures, it will simply be that you can call back if you have any issues, but for larger, more invasive treatments, such as eyelash perming, tinting, or microdermabrasion, for example, you want to know that you have a package of care, e.g. a check up at a certain point.

Your salon should be able to provide you with leaflets on the various treatments, and you should also have a pre-treatment chat, to tell you all about the treatment you’re about to have, what it entails etc.

If your salon of choice is very lax on the history taking/client information side of things, before a treatment commences, it’s could be a bit of a red flag.

5. Legitimate customer reviews

Previous customer reviews and experiences are a fantastic way to get away from the business chat and into the heart of what the salon is really like for a customer. Check out Word of Mouth for reviews on trusted businesses in your local area, and remember to see what the general consensus is.

It’s normal for one person to perhaps have a bad experience, and you don’t know what that was about – it could be that they personally didn’t get on with their therapist, or they may simply be one of those customers who just likes to complain about everything (no business is perfect).

If however the list is all negative, or there are a large number of consistently negative reviews, it’s probably best to steer clear, and look to another salon instead.


These are five basic things to look for when choosing a new beauty salon. Remember, the more homework you do at the start, the better and safer the outcome after your treatments.

As always real customer experiences usually give you a better indication of the quality of a business. This can be contrasted with the marketing information on a businesses own website or on social media.

A good track record of great reviews (from a trustworthy review platform) can be the strongest sign that a beautician is really good at what they do.

If you’re a beauty salon and you’d like to build and manage your online reviews, here are some practical tips on generating customer reviews. Or if you’d like a little more support, check out our Happy Customer’s Program.


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