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The Ultimate Rubbish Removal Comparison Guide

The need for rubbish removal arises during different projects such as building, renovation, spring clean, landscaping or moving to a new house. Building material waste from building construction or a renovation job site has to be cleared off regularly and efficiently to ensure the site is safe for work.

Household de-cluttering on an annual basis leads to unwanted items needing to be thrown out. Other projects, like moving house, require rubbish removal at some stage, especially when you have plenty of unwrapped cardboard boxes or junk. Landscapers need to remove access soil, grass or garden waste to complete the new look.

There are many rubbish removal options available out there, and this can be quite confusing. Don’t worry! We have done all the hard work for you. As we go through each option, compare the pros and cons so you can select the right solution for your rubbish removal needs. 

What are the rubbish removal solutions available?

1. Skip Bin Hire

These marrel bins are available for hire from skip bin companies. The bins are made of metal and transported to and from your site by the skip truck. There are a variety of sizes, usually, range from 2 cubic meters to 18 cubic meters. The bins often have no lids and may have the open ramp on one end for easy loading access. These bins are great for small to large commercial or residential clean-up project depending on the size you select. If you hire one of these, you’ll need a council permit to have it placed on the nature strip.


  • Convenience: the skip bin will be delivered to your site and picked up when you are ready.
  • Cost-effective: Upfront skip hire price is quoted, and if you follow the skip provider’s guide there should be no extra charges
  • You can get the measurements of the bin and know the exact size you are hiring.
  • Depending on your skill, you can fit more rubbish in the bin, as long as you fill up to the rim. 
  • Flexible hiring time: sometimes, your clean-up project duration can go on for a few weeks. Some skip bin hires suppliers provides a more extended hiring option so you can clear the rubbish as you go.


  • It might not be pretty to have a skip bin sitting in front of the property
  • Long duration placement of the skip bin in the front yard may damage the lawn. However, this can easily be avoided by arranging proper timing for the clean-up and have the skip taken away as soon as you finish.
  • Council permit is required for the skip to be placed on the nature strip.
  • Be cautious of the weight limit and what you put in the bin. Understand the types of rubbish you’re disposing of so you can choose the correct option. For example, a light bin may be cheaper to hire, but there’s a limit on the weight. Read your supplier’s policies carefully, so you understand what you’re in for.
  • These skips usually don’t come with lids so you may see additional junk from the neighbours
  • You have to put the rubbish in the bin yourself. If you hire a builder or renovator, they will put the waste in the skip as they produce.

2. Rubbish Removal

Is the service when a team comes to your property with a trailer or a truck and remove the waste for you.


  • Convenience and relaxing: you don’t need to do anything. Let someone else do the dirty, hard work for you.
  • You can arrange the exact date and time for the rubbish to be removed. 


  • More expensive, of course, because the labour is provided for you.
  • Your rubbish is sitting at the front until it gets collected. People may be digging through the stuff and make a mess.
  • It’s hard to know the total bill until the job is completed because of labour costs and rubbish may be arranged in a way that the load appears to be bigger than it is, which can increase the final bill.

3. Mobile Skip Bin Hire

These bins come with wheel, on a trailer and can be picked up from the local Bunnings store using your car. Alternatively, you can have it delivered to your job-site free of charge. 


  • No council permit is required. You can park this bin on the road or fits in an underground car park. You can even reverse it into the back yard.
  • The bins have lockable lids, so no one else can put their rubbish inside. 


  • These bins come with weight limits and usually not suitable for heavy construction wastes. The maximum weight is 1000kg.
  • The hiring rates are quite expensive in comparison to skip bin hire rates.

4. Skip Bags

Unlike skip bins which are made of steel, skip bags are made of woven materials. You can purchase different sizes of skip bag (only available under three cubic meters) from your local Bunnings store, Mitre 10 and hardware store. Once it’s filled, you then ring up for collection. On the collection day, your bag is weighed, and there’s a fixed rate charge for weight under 600kg. Any excess of this weight will be charged at a per kilogram rate.


  • No hire time limit, you can hold on to the bag for as long as you like and arrange the pick up when you are done. 


  • Not suitable for heavyweight rubbish.
  • The bag is made of woven material so it can lead to wear and tear against sharp objects.
  • The rubbish disposal rate is very similar to hiring a skip bin.

After reviewing the pros and cons of each of the rubbish disposal solution available, choose the one that is most suitable for your budget and requirement. Complete your clean-up project without hassle is the key. 


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