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Planning a Corporate Party

The year is racing fast towards the end. As the festive mood picks up, you have been tasked with planning a corporate Christmas party. So, where do you start? How do you go about it? We are going to help you with everything that you need to throw a great Christmas party that everyone will live to remember.

Date and Venue

The first item that you should work on is date and time. Here, you should look for a date and time when most staff will be available. Take a closer look at what the company wants to achieve with the party when fixing the date. For example, a company that wants to commemorate its success in the last few years might opt for a whole day to celebrate staff. However, others might only want to have a few hours of celebration, preferably over lunchtime or in the evening.

Therefore, talk to your company CEO or the departmental head that deals with events about the key objective. As you discuss the event date and time, make sure also to decide where the party will be held. Will it be held on the company premises, an events venue, or a high-end hotel?


One thing you need to appreciate is that holding a corporate Christmas party involves some costs. Indeed, it is the primary consideration during planning because it defines the nature of other party components. For example, if you will hold the party in a five-star hotel, the cost will be higher than having it in your organization. Therefore, here are some of the items to consider when working on the budget:

  • Foods and drinks related costs
  • Transport related costs
  • Cost of hiring the party venue
  • Public address costs
  • Entertainment costs
  • If the company is planning to award staff with gifts, factor them in the budget.

NOTE: No matter how accurate your budgeting is, always set aside miscellaneous cash to cater for unexpected expenses.


To make your event more enthralling, you should look for a great theme. A theme helps to create the right mood during the celebrations. Because the event will be held during the Christmas holiday, consider striking a merry theme using red and white Santa clothes, Christmas tree, and lighting. You could also go for a theme that rhymes with your company’s mission or recent achievements. Make the theme as attractive as possible.

Who is attending?

When planning a corporate Christmas party, one of the crucial items to factor is the people who will attend. For example, will it be a staff only party or workers be allowed to attend with their family members? Will you invite special guests to participate during the party? Once you have determined those who will be in attendance, go ahead and work on the sitting and transport arrangements if necessary. 

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

When people attend corporate Christmas parties, they want to have some great time away from their busy schedules. Here are some amusement attraction ideas that can help to create an amazing carnival experience:  

  • The Body Rock is the pinnacle of thrill rides. It will leave your corporate Christmas party attendants asking for more. The ride takes people in an exciting circular motion; clockwise to anticlockwise and side to side. And it has more! At the top of every rotation, a person experiences the thrill of gravitational force by getting lifted off the seat for a split for a short moment. 
  • Use a coffee cart to create a carnival mood. After an amazing time at the fete, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee will make the celebrations feel complete. Note that the cart features all sorts of caffeinated drinks, tea, and mouth-watering hot chocolate.

What to Do Next

Now that you know the best tips and tricks for preparing a great corporate Christmas party, what next? If you’re needing some assistance, contact a professional event and party planner. By working with an expert that has held similar successful parties; you are assured of one thing: throwing a party that everyone will live to remember. 


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