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Online customer trends Christmas 2021 – What businesses should know

This year, as we can all expect and are already starting to see, present buying trends are very different from those in any other moment in history. Customers are making great use of apps and online shopping websites which gather discounts and important deals all in one place. In 2021, the market will offer many possibilities for acquiring goods and services.

To understand which are said trends, how they work and how they can be used to any business’ advantage, we have compiled a practical guide that includes what people are buying, how and where they buy, and why customers choose to shop online.


  • Lifestyle and home décor
  • Furniture and tools to work from home
  • Books, TVs & entertainment
  • Food & snacks

One of the main changes this year relates to what the acquired products are. Of course, people are buying entertainment such as books, games, and TVs. More than ever, the focus is set on what can be done at home, in a better and more comfortable way. As we could be staying inside for another while, we want to enjoy it as much as possible.

This also includes furniture, home décor and lifestyle items. Customers in 2021 especially value a more comfy space and one that pleases them visually. Of course, as many people are working from home, there is also a focus on an organised, comfortable and ergonomic workspace. This is why one of the biggest buying trends has been office tools and equipment, from chairs and desks to computers and webcams.

Lastly, as everyone has been cooking and baking more, and there has been an increase in interest in healthy food and ingredients, it is expected that, for Christmas, some people will choose to send their loved ones a special dinner or, at least, some exotic snacks.

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Where and how

  • Online via brand or retailer sites
  • Via smartphone apps
  • Emphasis on shops discovered during lockdown
  • Emphasis on small businesses
  • Sending gifts directly to the user

There is no question that shopping has become much more of an online thing that before. People are avoiding going to stores, not only as a safety measure but also because it’s easier to receive the package at home. The only downside to this is a possible delay in deliveries, which is why businesses need to pay special attention to their delivery system or subcontractors and possibly invest in a better one.

Almost everyone has discovered a new shop they love during lockdown—and it is probably a local small business! This is due to many reasons. One of them is that we have more time to do research. As stated before, we look for places where we can find exactly what we want at a reasonable price. Small businesses generally tend to specialise in a specific type of product and offer a much more personalised service. Moreover, most people have a more community-oriented mindset right now, which is why we tend to support small businesses.

Also, as a result of the pandemic, people choose to send gifts directly to the person they want to give it to, as they cannot or choose not to visit in many cases. Another advantage of this is that the person can get a surprise delivery, which adds to the charm!


  • It’s safer
  • Spending is done more consciously
  • What they value has changed

As important as understanding what’s different this year is understanding why. A lockdown leads us to create a more comfortable space to spend time in and, living in the time of a pandemic, we have changed our focus as to what is most important for our health and wellbeing.

On the one hand, shopping online and shopping from businesses we trust or value is safer. On the other hand, for many, the way they spend money has also changed: for them, financial security is a different concept than it used to be, and so, spending is done with a conscience, choosing to buy what’s necessary and truly useful. With online shopping, apps and deliveries already being popular, the pandemic and social events that happened during 2020 have made buying from home the number one method for acquiring all kinds of products. People focus on valuable goods than can be of quality to the wellbeing of both themselves and their loved ones. This is why an optimal price-quality balance and online availability are essential for businesses to invest in.


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