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Most Popular DIY Home Renovation Projects for 2020

Planning a renovation project can be very exciting, especially given the extra value you could potentially add to your property. When you’re looking for impressive results without the hefty price tag, DIY jobs are a great option, especially with so many inspiring trends and success stories floating around. You might be surprised at the potential in projects like these to add long-term value and appeal to your home.

Bathroom Makeovers

As one of the main selling points for any home, the bathroom deserves a concentrated effort in the renovation space. The trick is to keep costs down by choosing budget-friendly projects which deliver an excellent ROI for appearance and functionality. For instance, consider revamping your ageing vanity cabinet with a lick of paint, a new sink bowl, or even a tasteful mosaic tabletop. Other simple options include updating the lighting fixtures, repainting the walls, or even just replacing the knobs and handles on doors and drawers. Done well, any of these ideas could deliver that subtle, inexpensive update you have been searching for. It may also be that one of the many comprehensive and informative YouTube tutorials online is all you need to create something amazing.

Motion-Detection Lights

The best type of DIY project is one with a practical output, and it doesn’t get much more practical than effective lighting. Motion detector lighting is a great way to make your property easier to navigate in the dark, but it also doubles as a deterrent for potential thieves. Keep in mind that while these lights won’t break the bank, selling for as little as $15 apiece, the additional power costs of leaving them switched on will need to be factored into the budget. In any case, the usability and peace of mind that comes from such an investment is sure to deliver a great return on investment for years to come.

Backyard Landscaping

The backyard may well end up at the bottom of the list when you’re making renovation plans, but it’s a great space for DIY projects since there are less structural issues and busy spaces to take into consideration. Instead, you’ll have the chance to focus mainly on aesthetics, whether that means laying down a simple garden path, investing in some fresh new turf, or getting busy in the garden. Before you get your hands dirty, it pays to research a range of turf and plant varieties and ensure you choose only those types with manageable maintenance requirements. By choosing the right plants for your location and lifestyle, you will have made a huge dent in the task of building your ideal backyard.

Kitchen Updates

Like the bathroom, the kitchen area is often full of untapped potential in the renovation space, but it can be costly to bring your visions to life. Even if you’re not comfortable messing with the major components of the room, most kitchens benefit greatly from a simple facelift. A fresh peel-and-stick tile backsplash is one of the simplest, most inexpensive DIY projects out there, and the tiles are often removable, seamlessly accommodating any changes of mind at a later date. For a more practical alternative, consider updating your kitchen storage space by adding extra drawers or cabinets. Whatever project you choose to take on, remember that investing in your kitchen is almost always a good idea for the overall value of your property, and you’ll be sure to appreciate the flavour of that favourite dessert recipe all the more.

Wall Features

The humble feature wall is no new concept in the home design sphere, but the new decade has brought about a multitude of new ways to approach classic ideas. For example, you might consider using a new type of paint such as Lime Wash for a unique textured look, or embrace multicoloured walls with tasteful palette blends. If you do decide to adopt such an innovative style, take care to follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter and follow it up with sealant. Even if a paint job isn’t on your radar, you can create something worth admiring with just a handful of framed photographs. As a DIY artist, you should consider your walls a rare opportunity to add the kind of value which money can’t buy and fill them with whichever photographs and pieces of art take your fancy. 

Games Room

We all need a space to relax and have fun, and contrary to popular opinion, a games room doesn’t have to be a kids-only domain, although such an update is sure to be all the more welcome in a family home. It’s also a great way to lure children away from their screens and set the stage for priceless memories for a surprisingly low cost. In fact, all you need to start creating the games room of your childhood dreams is a spare room, a sturdy table, and a stack of cards and board games. Thanks to the innovative ideas of game developers, you can even track down miniature versions of classic games like foosball, pool, and air hockey, so don’t be afraid to embrace your inner child and invest in the cherished memories waiting to be made.

Even with minimal renovating experience and a tight budget, it’s entirely possible to give your home a surprisingly professional makeover. As long as your mental toolkit includes inspiration, a solid set of instructions and the gumption to get the job done, you’re more than halfway there, and any of these options is guaranteed to add more than just monetary value to your home.


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