Large living room with a wall mounted TV

Modern And Stylish Ideas For Decorating Around TV Units

Are you tired of looking at the same old tv unit that looks too bland for your taste? If yes, the good news is that there are a lot of ways in which you can revamp the way your TV cabinet looks. If you’ve put on your creative hat and are all set for decorating around TV units, this article is just what you need! You’ll find some easy-to-do yet impactful ideas. 

Preference of a wall-mounted TV

There is no doubt in the statement that a wall-mounted TV invites and offers a wide range of decoration ideas. You will find the room to be more spacious and you’ll have the ability to organise special arrangements. It welcomes sufficient space for DVD players, arranging video player setup, and wall-fitted speakers for entertainment freaks. 

You can arrange a room to suit your needs by installing stylish TV cabinets. Cabinets can also allow homeowners to decorate as required.

Large living room with wall mounted TV on a white wall

Create an illusionary effect on the gallery wall

If you own a modular house then you can create an illusionary effect on a gallery wall through antique art. Stylish decor items and paintings will look elegant around the TV. The artistic and illusionary choice of wall design creates a more innovative style for your home. 

You can choose classic shades with perfect colour combinations around the wall with relatable concepts. 

Installation of the TV above fireplace for a cottage-style look

If you have a fireplace, look to install a TV above it to create a 3D wall effect. You can modify the design according to the setup and decorate it to suit your style. You can enjoy the warmth of your fireplace while watching your favourite show. You can always place a lamp with stylish cozy sofas set up in the room. 

Wall mounted TV above a fireplace in an open living room

Side shelf and floating unit idea 

To create a streamlined and modern look, consider utilising a floating unit behind the TV. It provides a sleek and accessible side shelf for extra TV accessories. This setup is ideal especially if you have a contemporary style house. 

Wall moulding feature

You can opt for a veneer facade or any other bold and striking cabinet and mount the TV. You can even go for textured wallpapers to brighten the space. Other options are wooden panelling or marble walls. 

Timber panel partition wall

Timber is mainly used for construction work as it’s a durable material. You can use timber plates or slabs horizontally between empty wall sides. It can be used to shelve decor items or books systematically.

It’s a small arrangement that, combined with minor adjustments, can transform the look of your living space. It provides an appreciative look to the interior house decor and works as a complement to your creative skills. 

Decorate with artificial plants

One of the best ways to bring life to a dull corner is by adding some plants. If you’re bad at maintaining plans, you can buy fake plants that look as good as the real ones. Place them near the TV and it’ll instantly make the corner look fresh!

A variety of indoor plants on top of a timber shelving unit


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