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Improve Your Customer Service: 8 Ways You Can Make Your Airbnb Guests Happy in 2020

Renting your house, apartment, or condo through Airbnb can be a lucrative side business since setting up your online listing can be quite simple. However, it is not a passive thing.

Although earning from Airbnb rentals are somewhat automated, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect your property’s management and maintenance.

One aspect of having an Airbnb listing and managing it that you shouldn’t neglect would be the customer service aspect. Since you’re leaving your property to a bunch of strangers, customer service is not only good for your customers and guests but also for you.

If you don’t know how to improve your customer service, then here are eight ways you can make your Airbnb guest happy this year!

1. Set Detailed House Rules

One way to reduce the need for direct customer service is simply by creating a detailed list of house rules.

You can list your house rules on the property description on Airbnb. Additionally, you should make sure that you leave a copy of the house rules for your guests to see in the property itself. Sometimes, you won’t be available to answer some of their questions so leaving them with a set of rules will help them figure out what house rules are in place so that they don’t cross the line.

It’s a great way of maintaining the safety and security of your property since you won’t be able to have direct maintenance of the property at all times.

2. Make Sure It’s Clean

Maid Sailors Airbnb Cleaning Service, advise clients to schedule a professional cleaning session in between guest checkouts. This is one way to ensure that your place is neat, tidy, and well-sanitized before a new guest checks in.

Meanwhile, you can manage to throw out the garbage, fix the bed, replace the towels and blankets, and wipe down surfaces.

3. Provide Safety

When you’re thinking about improving the guest experience in your property, another thing that you should look into would be their safety.

If you have any faulty electric wires or other hazardous items in your home, then make sure that you address those quickly. You should also have some safety measures available inside the property so that your guests may be able to protect themselves should anything unfortunate happen.

For example, having a first aid kit can be of help. Even leaving a fire extinguisher could be helpful. As long as you have these things in place to keep the guests safe, then you should be good.

4. Leave a Welcome Note

Customer service doesn’t always have to be about mitigating a disaster from happening. It can simply be about making your guests feel welcome when they’re staying in your rental property.

Hence, leaving a welcome note for your guests would be a nice touch to make them feel comfortable staying in your place. You can even make the welcome note a little sweeter by leaving some treats or trinkets for your guests.

A sampling of some local treats will be nice, especially if you’re dealing with foreign tourists staying at your place. Or you can encourage them to pick ingredients from your homemade hydroponic garden if you have any.

5. Prepare a Welcome Package

As mentioned before, leaving a welcome note can be a nice way of letting your guests know that they’re welcome in your property. However, adding that nice touch of a welcome package can really elevate the experience.

A welcome package can be a nice touch, especially if your guests are going to be staying at your property for a very long time. Some things to include in the package are basic toiletries and maybe local coffee as well.

6. Provide Useful Information

Sometimes, guests (especially the foreign ones) will come to you for advice about which places to go to during their stay. Therefore, it will be useful to have a list of places beforehand that you could recommend to them.

Also, don’t forget to give out useful information about your property before they even ask you about it. For example, you shouldn’t forget to leave a note about what the WiFi password is.

Aside from that, you might want to leave instructions about how to turn on air conditioning, the TV, and so on.

7. Provide Toiletries

Something that you should provide for your guests would be some basic toiletries. For example, having small soaps, packets of shampoo, and packs of toilet paper would be some of the essentials that you can leave for them.

Also, make sure that you provide several towels and that you provide fresh ones for your guests to use. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are also a great giveaway that your guests may want to have.

8. Recommend Nearby Famous Spots

Since you’re going to be the first local contact that your guests are going to have, you should try and research more about the famous spots in your area.

Also, you could show them how they can navigate to any place, like the ATMs and malls, from your property.

Improving your customer service doesn’t have to be so complicated. As long as you think up what the major concerns that you’ll frequently encounter and address them beforehand, you can already improve your customer service by a ton.


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