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How to Market your Business using Custom T-shirts

When it comes to brand promotion, a lot of marketers usually focus on popular ways. It results in a lot of high-priced, often unsuccessful marketing efforts like magazine ads and TV commercials. Undoubtedly, companies sometimes do require these marketing efforts, but there are simple and direct marketing efforts such as flyers, custom t-shirts, guerrilla marketing that may yield the desired results.

One of the most affordable, smartest, and effective ways of doing promotions to a broader audience is custom t-shirts. People can wear them anytime, anywhere. They are great conversation starters, and there is less chance that a person wearing a custom t-shirt gets unnoticed. Reports also show that the trend of custom t-shirts has grown tremendously. According to Credence Research, by 2025, the custom t-shirt printing market is expected to cross US$ 10 billion globally.

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition and win the hearts of the audience, why not use customized t-shirts? Here are a few ways of using such t-shirts to market your business.

1. Bring t-shirts when pitching new clients

No matter whether you are starting a new business or have been there in the industry for a longer period, nothing excites than landing a big client. Every business owner understands how difficult it is to find a new client. Nowadays, every industry is competitive. Your competitors too, may have a similar business proposal like you. So, besides having a great one, what extra efforts can you make to impress your client? Well, the answer is quite simple. By bringing a personal touch to your meeting, and that is possible through a custom t-shirt! Clients, especially in B2B, look for companies or vendors they can trust. They want to have a long-term relationship with vendors they think can take care of their interests. Giving a custom t-shirt after a meeting will not only set you apart from competitors but can also sway their opinion. 

2. Target inactive customers

Nowadays, companies cannot afford to lose their customer base. Although every company focuses on acquiring new customers, statistics show that it cost seven times more to acquire a new customer than retaining a new one. Statistics also show that companies get 76% of more revenue from repeat customers. It is easier to sell goods/services to existing customers than the newer ones. Therefore, take out the list of all the inactive customers and send them free custom clothing along with a flyer of exclusive deals. It will not only help you in increasing sales but also gives the impression that you care for your customers. It will eventually increase their loyalty towards your business. 

3. Host a social media contest

Social media has become one of the most powerful platforms for business promotion. It is helping businesses, especially the smaller ones, targeting audience globally, without hurting their budget. Contests are one of the most popular ways to engage an audience on social media. It is because contests allow them with the opportunity to win prizes, which can either be monetary or non-monetary. And who doesn’t love to receive anything for free? So, host a social media contest on your business social page and give the winner or winners a custom t-shirt that has your company logo on it.

Tip: To motivate people to participate, do not design a plain t-shirt for the contest. Have some exciting designs on it like a quote, or funny image. But make sure your company logo should be visible clearly. Otherwise, it will kill its purpose.

4. Distribute t-shirts to event attendees

Corporate events are a great way to expand the network and meet professionals in person. It also gives brands an opportunity to promote their products or services, highlight their company’s core values and culture. If you have planned a business event outside your city, you must book rooms for special guests at a nearby hotel. Why not make the attendees dress in your company t-shirts? Simply mail a welcome kit along with a custom t-shirt in advance with a note to wear it during the event. Many guests bring their friends, colleagues, or family members to the event, so it is advisable to carry extra custom t-shirts and distribute them. It will not surprise them but also make a great impression. While designing custom t-shirts, make sure you choose a high-quality fabric. A bad quality not only ruins a great t-shirt design but a company’s reputation too.

5. Distribute t-shirts among employees

Employees are not simply the people who work for achieving a company’s objectives; they can be the biggest brand promoters too. Distribute team t-shirts among employees and ask them to wear on specific days. This will help your business in gaining more visibility. Since t-shirts are a popular clothing item, your employees may choose to wear them while visiting malls, local markets, or parks.

6. Offer complimentary t-shirts with purchase to customers

How will you feel when you open your shopping bag and suddenly find a gift inside? Excited, right! Giving a gift with purchase is a great way to entice customers to make future purchases. Surveys have shown that consumers who receive free gifts are likely to share their experiences with others. It also revealed that 2 in 5 Americans like to purchase more often from the same brand after receiving a free gift. Gift with a purchase adds brand value, boosts conversion, encourages repeat purchases, and, most importantly, helps in gaining customer loyalty. So, include a custom t-shirt as a freebie with purchase to customers and tie up the scale in your favour.

7. Use them to say sorry to unhappy customers

Every company, whether big or small, makes mistakes. But only those companies succeed who learn from their mistakes and work hard in providing excellent customer service. If, by any chance, your company has disappointed any of your customers, give them a custom-shirt to say sorry could be a grand gesture. Sometimes a kind gesture can also help companies in increasing word-of-mouth marketing and profits.


Every marketer makes a lot of effort in promoting their business. But not everyone gets the desired results. One of the reasons can be they are not doing it in the right way, or they are not choosing the right marketing technique. Promoting a brand through custom t-shirts can be a valuable source of marketing. It will not only help businesses in gaining more visibility but also in saving their money. So, use custom t-shirts for business promotion and take your brand to the next level. Good Luck!

Author Bio: Campbell Jof is a graphic designer and blogger associated with Designhill’s PrintShop, a custom designs marketplace, he generally writes on topics concerning design, start-ups, design your own clothes, e-commerce, small business.


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