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How to Finally Start Cleaning Your Shed and Garage

For most families, the idea of cleaning out your shed or embarking on a garage clearance is the stuff of nightmares. Full of clutter, dust and probably spiders, a garage clearance is the most put-off task that we avoid in our homes.

Fear not, though, with our shed and garage cleaning guide from the guys at Kwik Sweep, a London-based rubbish removal service, to have your shed and garage clean, organised and ready for summer.

Where Do You Begin?

For most of us, the sheer dread we feel about starting a shed or garage clearance is figuring out where to start. Especially when so many of us simply chuck the lawnmower or the Christmas decorations in, slam the door and hope for the best!

Getting started with your garage clearance is simple, no matter how bad things have got. Start by clearing a weekend of any other commitments and then you can dedicate those days to getting everything in order.

Begin by pulling everything out from your shed or garage and try to separate into three distinct piles – the items you’re keeping, items you can sell or donate and items that are for the bin. Try to be ruthless here, not holding on to things that haven’t been used in years. As, the more items that you get rid of, the more likely that your shed will be transformed into an organised and tidy area.

Get Cleaning

Once your garage or shed is empty, it’s time to clean the insides. For a garage, cement floors can be swept and then a power washer used to remove stains or marks. Paint and oil stains will need more work to remove; however, with the right products, you can still get the floor looking like new again.

 A shed should be swept and, for a more durable floor, you could add laminate flooring. This will give you a lovely even flooring, which will be easier to keep clean in future. 

For both areas, remember to look to the walls and roofing to clean. These spots are where cobwebs and dust are most likely to stick.

Add Organisation

Now that you’ve finished your shed or garage clearance, it’s time to ensure that anything you place back into these buildings is done in a quick and organised manner.

For garages especially, you may want cube storage or a tool station – particularly if you use your garage for DIY projects. Cubed storage or other storage units are ideal for organising and keeping your garage in order. Here you can dedicate specific areas to things like Christmas decorations or excess household items like kitchen rolls. You could even label your unit so you can quickly and efficiently find what you’re looking for.

For larger items, especially lawnmowers and strummers, try to place these away from the door. This way you won’t trip over cables when entering your shed or garage.

Overall, how you organise your shed or garage will depend on what you use yours for. The best advice, though, is to take your time and plan where you’re going to store anything. By having a good garage clearance, you should have a lot less clutter, so this should make your job easier. Then it’s just a case of keeping it tidy!


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