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How to Bring Back Customers: 8 Marketing Strategies for Restaurants and Cafes

Achieving greater heights is the dream of every entrepreneur, you want to sit back and watch as your efforts transform into profits. If you are in the food niche, taking your business to the next level will not be an easy task as you have other businesses working day and night to achieve the same goal as yours.

Dominating your market should be your primary focus and this can prove to be somehow challenging. For you to thrive out of your competition, you need to master the art of gaining new customers and making old ones come back. You need to see why your old techniques are not working and learn new ones that will bring in a positive result.

Let’s dive into some of the ways to attract new customers and make the old ones always come back for more.

Enhance your presence with localized marketing

Becoming more active in your local community can convert more customers to your restaurant business. You can create advertisements on your local radio, newspaper, magazines and billboards. Start creating fancy commercials on TV about the new yummy and fantastic meals you make. You can set up a team to wear your company’s t-shirt with logos. Participation in charity events such as giving out food to the less privileged, showing your community that you care.

Making your restaurant experience accessibility friendly can encourage families and the wheelchair community to favourite your restaurant over others. Also, anytime you are hosting an event or launching something new, let your team roam the streets and share the news to the community and other businesses. You can meet up with local bloggers and share nutritional value with the public. This will create a remarkable image for your business and customers will start pouring in.

Use email marketing

Building an email list of your customers can be a vital asset to your business. You need to create content that customers are willing to read and send them offers that will catch their interests. Your customers possibly have tons of emails rolling in every day, so you need to make them feel special with your message. Try to catch their attention within the first three to four seconds of opening your email. Connect with them like a real person and show them that you care about them and that you put them first.  Encourage them to share the word about your business with their friends and family.

Text message marketing

Efficient use of text messages can give your business an edge over your competition. Answering your customers’ questions for time to time can be quite effective. Announcing about new offers can attract your customers. You can send free coupons, images and videos which are engaging to increase your customers interest in your products. Sending them messages about free campaigns where they can win prizes can boost your engagement. For example, you can send them a text message with a code which will give them a 20% discount off their first order. Sending them quick surveys with interesting questions which they can benefit from can go a long way and also showing them short ads or flash sales once in a while.

Presentation matters

The bathrooms are an often-missed part of the overall restaurant experience. From leaking taps to cracked tiles, an old or damaged bathroom can damage the whole customer experience. Consider investing in a bathroom renovation to elevate your customer’s experience.  

An attractive environment will move your customers to celebrate their wonderful experience with their friends by taking pictures, selfies and the likes. Update the arrangement of your dining room regularly. Implement beautiful designs, artworks and improve the quality of your furniture. Train your staff on how to maintain proper dress code and ensure that the environment is constantly tidy. It may also be time for a big transformation so consider a new restaurant design and renovation. Your restaurant will not only stand out but attract more customers and impress the old ones.

Always update menu and promote updates

Updating your menu constantly will make customers see you as a creative and innovative business. Get rid of old menu items that are not selling and add trendy ones that are turning up the flames. Create a menu that will be convenient for random customers to choose from. If Design isn’t your forte, you can also look into using online menu makers. Promotions can also change the game for you. For example, if you are adding a new dish to your menu, you can give the first group of customers that buy it discounts. When properly implemented, menu changes can elevate your business, boost your selling power and turn your customers to repeat customers.

Have weekly or monthly specials

Customers always want to save as little money as they can when making a purchase. They are willing to hop onto the next restaurant that can give them quality dishes for a discounted price. Having weekly or monthly specials can be effective in winning more customers. Customers will have something to look forward to, rather than just the normal way of buying. You can offer bundle sales with a huge discount or free delivery for your long-term customers. You can even give out free dishes to customers that made the highest purchase of the week. This will spark more interest in customers, and they see you as the go-to restaurant that can fully satisfy their needs.

Audit how your staff interact with customers

You need to develop your insight and train your staff on how to satisfy your customers completely. Your business can be at risk if your staff members are handling your customers with levity. Carry out a constant review and analysis of records and activities to assess the effectiveness of your staff. Conduct a frequent estimation of how they treat your customers. Ensure that they comply with your laid down principles and portray a professional image of your business. Don’t hesitate to scold them for poor performance or reward them for impressive actions.

Ask customers to give you a review

Building trust for your business is essential in building your business. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your customers and ask them for feedback. You can start by sending them a text or email to appreciate them for doing business with you. Then go ahead and ask them how they feel about your company and ask them to rate your company’s performance. Let them know that their opinions no matter how small, is essential to your business. This will help you note some things that customers like and dislike about your restaurant, so you know where to improve in your business. By doing this over time, your potential customers and business partners will have the assurance and confidence to work with you.
Getting more customers and turning them into repeat customers requires strategy, hard work, patience and consistency. In the long run, your business will start seeing a positive turn around you’ll have the edge over the competition.


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