Getting Back in Shape After Lockdown

COVID-19 was a rollercoaster ride, and it still is. We all want to stop this ride and enjoy the things for a change. The lockdown took a toll on both our mental health and our physical health. Summer is already here, and no one noticed it, which is sad in so many ways.

In earlier years, thinking that summer is approaching was bringing a completely different level of panic. We are living in a world where the impossible standards are set, and we are there to follow. When it comes to following, you probably followed so many pages on eating healthy and being fit. You may have promised yourself that you will remain in shape, and then you found it very tempting to resist the call of the couch since tasty food is on every corner.

A sedentary lifestyle does nothing good for our wellbeing, no matter if we are in quarantine or not. Keeping your joints and muscles now will benefit you later in life. Stop listening to everyone preaching that you need to look fabulous at all times, and focus more on being better.

Enjoying the fact that you did something good for yourself. And kept it for yourself, do not try to brag about it on social media.

Home gym essentials

Setting up your home gym is practical in so many ways. It could save you a lot of money for a gym membership. You won’t be too self-conscious of how you look while exercising. You are at your home, all alone and you are free to do whatever you want.

Now, when it comes to buying the gym equipment, it doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank. Since you will not post videos and gym pictures, the looks of the gym equipment are not necessary. It is remarkable how they work and what kind of result they bring. You are probably getting a headache just thinking about all these different types of equipment. Still, it is the truth that you don’t need an oversized gym machine for each muscle in your body. 

Think practically. The most goals we all set are – weight loss and building muscles. These are the two completely different processes in our body. Cardio training and weight lifting are at the core of this philosophy. And we all have that empty room in our house that is calling us to turn it into something useful. Attic, a basement, or that empty room down the hall… you will have more benefits from converting it into a gym than turning it into a game room.


So to set your very own gym, think about getting the elliptical trainer first. Jumping a rope is also a great way to have fun and burn some calories. The barbell set is, of course, a must. Don’t worry about getting ‘’bulky’’- it is just an urban legend. If you are not ‘’feeling it’’ turn your spare room into a dance studio. In that case, the mirror and tv with workout videos are life saviours. Zumba, belly dancing, and salsa are great ways to move and to burn calories in the process.

So we mentioned – mirror, essential gym equipment, tv where you can follow the workout program. Make sure that you have soundproof walls that will keep all the noise inside and to stop the vibration from spreading. Your neighbours and family members will thank you, and you will have a chance to be alone with your thoughts.

Of course, the trick is to find a program that you can stick to, without the need to push yourself not to give up continually. It would help if you learned to enjoy this process. It won’t be easy but the award, in the end, is priceless.

Hiring a personal trainer

Of course, if you are not sure where to begin and you already have everything set, it is a great time to hire a personal trainer. Based on your body type, the overall shape, and all the other factors, you can get your custom program. You can train together, at your home and you will know the right way to utilize your gym equipment for the best results. If you are still afraid of contracting COVID-19, you can have classes online.

Also, a personal trainer can give you dieting advice as well. You can work out all the time, but if you don’t feed your body correctly, the results won’t be the ones you expected.

Just keep swimming, swimming swimming…

Can you imagine a great summer sport which provides excellent refreshments as well? No, we are not thinking of doing squats and taking a sip of Pina Colada in the middle of resting. Have you ever considered installing your own pool? It is a dream come true for all of us. Swimming is also a great exercise because it burns calories fast, and it will do great things for your skin as well. Save your money on maderotherapy and other cellulite cures. So if you think this is a good deal, you can install a fibreglass swimming pool. And swim to your new figure quickly.

In conclusion

It is time to be fit but outside of Instagram. Stop following people online and start tracking your inner voice telling you that it is best for you to get more healthy, fitter and more satisfied with yourself. It is a long term investment in yourself and you alone. So take the first step toward the excellence and open gym season in your house. The season that will last all year long, not just till summer is over and to look fabulous in the New Year gown. Covid-19 taught us something – when the entire world stops, it is time for you to keep on moving. Get up and do something good for yourself!


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