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Bathroom Tile Ideas and Trends from 2020 to 2021

Bathroom tile trends of 2020 through to 2021 are shifting towards more of timeless elegance, recalling old world vintage charm with a modern interpretation. Various materials such as glistening glass, luscious marbles and timeless natural stones as well as bursts of deep, earthy colours are all trends to keep an eye out for throughout this year. Bathroom styles are also leaning more towards a sense of personal grounding and endless appeal, creating a practical sanctuary in our homes.

Feature Bathroom Wall Tiles

Create a bold statement in your new bathroom design with a stylish feature bathroom wall tile. A feature wall in your bathroom pulls the focus onto a standout element in the space. For example, bold features and ideas can include accents on a large shower wall and the wall behind a freestanding bathtub or an elegant vanity unit.

Feature bathroom wall tiles are available in a vast myriad of choices, from sculptural or 3D effect tiles. Sculptural tiles can add tactile texture, shape and pattern to your design to luscious, glittering glass mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are great to use on a feature wall and can be ordered in either solid colourways, blended cascades of colour or as intricate and ornate murals for the ultimate ‘wow factor’ in your next bathroom design project. Complement your selected feature tiles with a solid coloured bathroom wall tile that balance out your design scheme and create a cohesive look.

This stylish classic black and white bathroom will include shapes and tonal variations to create a stunning mural in this luxurious Art Deco-inspired bathroom design. This is a classic example of timeless styling with modern features. Bathroom accessories in a gold metallic finish add contrast to the luscious glass mosaic tiled feature wall in the shower.

Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles

Patterned bathroom floor tiles offer the perfect solution for creating drama, interest, movement and energy in your design. Patterned tiles offer a strong sense of grounding in your new bathroom design through the bold colours of patterns. Bold or delicate, geometric or floral, classic or Moroccan, modern or vintage, patterned floor tiles are often used to make a statement. They can also add visual interest such as intricate vintage-inspired patterning or more structured, geometric line-work for more of an Art Deco-inspired vibe. Offset the patterned flooring with softer or neutral, solid coloured wall tiles to complete your look. The balance between patterned flooring and neutral-toned tiles can create a harmonious and balanced style that is soothing yet timeless.

Encaustic tiles offer endless appeal in the home, making use of bold, contrasting colours and striking ornate patterns to create an eclectic vintage look. These tiles are available in the traditional concrete material as well as porcelain concrete-look options. Porcelain tiles are durable and allow for a low maintenance finish in a busy home without compromising on the look. It is important to keep in mind that traditional concrete tiles are porous and as such, will require sealing at installation. Please note that as well sealing maintenance is needed every couple of years depending on the wear. Sealing will protect the integrity of your new concrete tiles, ensuring their long life space in your home. Go to a nearby tile showroom or talk to an experienced tiler to get advice on the best sealants and suitable cleaning products that can be used on your new concrete tiles. 

Nature Inspired: Earthy Tones, Organic Patterns & Satin Finishes

Introduce a touch of nature in your new bathroom design scheme with creative use of colour, materials, textures and smooth, satin finishes that evoke the reflections often seen in nature. Handmade tiles offer a rustic elegance in any design, celebrating imperfections in their organic lines and rugged texture. Terracotta tiles have been around for quite a while and they can add a warm rustic elegance to your bathroom. Combine characteristic handmade tiles with natural finishes such as lavish marbles and textured timbers for an elegant and timeless modern bathroom design scheme. Balance out your fresh nature-inspired look with soft neutral tones in your cabinetry and bathroom accessories. Use colours such as soft, warm whites, earthy browns, dusky blues, tranquil terracotta tones and deep charcoals for a perfectly balanced colour story in your new bathroom.

Natural marble tiles pair exceptionally well with just about any texture, colour or finish to help you create the perfect nature-inspired colour palette.

Traditional Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles use chips of marble and glass embedded in concrete to create a wonderfully varied pattern. Since Terrazzo tiles suit both modern and classical styled interiors, they pair exceptionally well with a variety of bolder statement colours. For example, try adding vibrant gemstone inspired hues such as deep burgundy and emerald greens, as well as softer pastel tones such as blush, mint and lemon. The incredible flexibility Terrazzo tiles offer in the bathroom means that they can be used as a feature or to complement more striking colour schemes without distracting from the overall palette. Terrazzo tiles can range from natural stone options to porcelain replica products. Porcelain replica Terrazzo tiles are preferred by many since they do not require the same level of care and maintenance. Therefore they are an excellent low-maintenance solution for the busy home.

There are many ways to introduce trending pieces in your new bathroom design. A popular design choice is a feature wall or a feature floor tile. Balance out your design scheme by including classic, timeless finishes such as marble or terrazzo. Creating on-trend using different tones and textures of tiles can be an excellent investment for a timeless bathroom.


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