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Are You Happy? Here are Secrets To Finding True Happiness

Happiness is a universal feeling. We often crave for something that makes our heart jump no matter what it takes, thanks to our brain’s neurotransmitters responsible for making us feel this way.

But when you think about it, how would you really define true happiness?

Is it finally finding your one true love? Or is it about being around family and friends?

Whatever your definition is, the most important thing is that you acknowledge the feeling, and you know what stimulates your brain.

But if you’re at that point in your life where being happy requires you to put in much effort, then here are some secrets that you can apply in your life right this very moment. You might find it surprising that the simplest things in life could be your key to achieving maximum happiness.

Know the difference between wants and needs

Living in a highly competitive world where everyone battles to get a new car, the best position in the company, or having the latest gadgets could affect the way we see happiness.

Because of this culture, we’re often faced with a question of whether we need to keep up with this demand or to stay content with what we have.

To get through this temptation, you have to identify the difference between your wants and your needs. Ask yourself countless times whether the gratification you are longing for is a need more than a desire.

Remember that focusing more on what you need will result in long-term happiness.

Self-love leads to inner peace

You should not forget to make yourself a priority during the process of finding your true happiness. No matter how third-party actors contribute to your overall happiness, remember that it starts within yourself and not anywhere else.

Building your self-esteem is the number one contributor to achieving inner peace. When you know that your will and your character are tougher than any of your problems, nothing can ever dim your glow.

Self-love looks cliche, but it should never take the sidelines. If you’re really after your true happiness, you better learn to prioritize yourself more.

Keep good company

And well, speaking of self-love, one of the many things to attract more positive vibes is to keep good company. Find your circle who understands your quirks and who knows how to push you up instead of pulling you down.

Besides, those who pull you down the rabbit hole should never be considered as part of your inner circle. Once you get a hint of this chaos, you better learn when to leave and walk away.

Make an effort to build lasting relationships with people who you can trust.

Live in the present moment

What is the point of finding happiness by dwelling in the past? Or looking forward to the future?

While holding on to a precious memory in the past could instantly put a smile on your face, it doesn’t really provide you with true happiness. Same with having thoughts of a better future, we can never really tell what lies ahead, so that means we’re holding onto nothing but a glimmer of hope.

To live in the present is the best way possible to maintain a happier outlook in life. By consciously living in the moment, you choose to focus on what matters now than what could have been in the past.

Do something nice to other people

No one ever got in trouble by showering kindness around.

If you’ll notice, being nice to other people gives us an overall sense of relief and good rhythm. It may not make sense, but it becomes very apparent once you act warmly towards other people.

It’s like finding a new purpose in life, and in the end, also finding what real happiness actually means just by seeing people’s faces light up through your small gesture of kindness.

Don’t rely on other people to be happy

While it’s true that spending some time with people that make you laugh and smile can boost your mood by a mile, we should not be dependent on their presence.

You should be able to stand on your own and create your own happiness despite the absence of a companion. So what if you’re single? You don’t need a partner to make you jump-through-the-roof kind of happy. You have to be mature enough to understand that your happiness should never be dependent on other people.

This is the life you’re living, and you should have control over it.

Forgive yourself and other people

Things that we no longer have control over should be a thing of the past. We as humans tend to hold onto things that add up to the weight we’re carrying, and we’re not particularly talking about material objects.

We would often find ourselves swimming in grudges and past mistakes, and then end up drowning and gasping for breath. In reality, we let these things ruin our vibe as if we could still do something about it when, in fact, we could easily forgive and let go of the past.

By forgiving yourself and other people’s mistakes, you free yourself from the negativity it brings, thus making you feel lighter and happier.

Take a break

No matter how happy you think you may be right now, or whether you feel otherwise, the best antidote to feeling a little down is to take a break.

Book that flight to your dream destination, take your best luggage sets to a nearby beach for a quick weekend getaway or schedule in that overdue massage. There’s nothing wrong about taking time off to unwind and free ourselves from worrying too much about our daily obstacles.

Don’t take these moments for granted. Little pockets of vacation could instantly boost your serotonin level, making you feel more alive.

Now, if someone asks you, “are you happy?” Would you be able to answer them with all honesty? If not, re-read everything we said above and set your way towards your very own happiness project.


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