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An Immersive Guide to Bidet Attachments

It should come as no surprise that bidets are garnering huge popularity nowadays. In Australia, bidets are often seen as unnecessary, but this is changing quickly. 

Bidets can be expensive, and some models more than others. So, what can a person do when they want a bidet but can’t afford one? Well, the simple answer is investing in a bidet attachment instead. Now you might be wondering what a bidet attachment is and how it is even any different from a bidet.

Here we have a guide to help you learn more about bidet attachments and what you should consider before buying one! So, let’s dive into it:  

What Is a Bidet Attachment?

A bidet toilet attachment functions in the same way as a conventional bidet toilet seat. However, they are smaller and can fit right underneath the current toilet seat. So, replacing it with a whole new toilet seat is not necessary.  

A bidet attachment also offers fewer features. For instance, it does not warm up the toilet seat, deodorizer, or a warm air dryer and other features that are pretty common to a bidet seat. 

As the attachment provides some of a bidet seat’s fundamental functions, they seem to work similarly. 

Here is a link to an Australian bidet shop where you can look up the attachment you want! 

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Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Bidet Attachment

Before investing your money, it’s a good idea to know a few important factors about the product. In the case of a bidet attachment, this is no different. 

  1. Choosing Between Ambient or Dual Temperature

As mentioned before, it’s unlikely you’ll get the high-end features of a bidet seat. Nonetheless, other than the simple wand, some models provide an additional attachment for warm water. 

It lets you connect the bidet directly to the hot water supply available in your bathroom.  

Keep in mind that a dual temperature bidet attachment will be on the expensive side. However, that doesn’t stop people from adding this feature because it’s still considered a cheap option compared to getting a bidet seat. 

So, if you want the dual temperature, make sure to add it to your bidet attachment. 

2. A Warm Water Bidet Hose

Since you’re planning to buy a bidet attachment and knowing that it does not have an automatic supply of hot water, you likely have to get a bidet hose. This second hose has to be attached to your bathroom’s hot-water supply system. 

If your plumbing is out under the sink, this can be attached easily. However, if it isn’t exposed, you’ll have to drill a hole into your cabinet to make it work, and it can be pretty tricky. 

Whichever option is available, you have to ensure that the warm water bidet hose is long enough to reach the hot water valve under the sink. 

This specification can be found in the product details of your bidet attachment or the instruction manual. This is also available for free on the manufacturer’s website. 

3. Speed of the Warm Water Supply System

Another point to consider when you’re thinking about getting a warm water bidet attachment is the speed of the water supply system. 

Some bathrooms feed hot water right away to the faucet. And others are placed further from the water heater. This can take time to reach the tap. 

Nonetheless, there’s no point in getting a bidet attachment with a hot water connection if it takes longer for the warm water to reach the faucet. So make sure that the water supply is fast before investing your money to buy one. 

4. Placement of the Control Panel

Numerous bidet attachments come with simple controls. The control panel is built into the attachment.  

You have to be mindful of any family member who might have difficulty moving their arm to reach the control panel. Ask if the attachment is necessary for your family.

They might have trouble pressing the buttons or turning off the knobs because this can be both stiff and stubborn. So, it’s better to get a control panel that doesn’t come attached to the bidet. 

Since these control panels are placed mostly on the right side, those who are left-handed, there are specific attachments available. 

5. Dual Cleaning Function for All

To satisfy all family members’ requirements, it’s better to get a bidet attachment with a dual cleansing function. This function comes with a wash mode for both rear and feminine parts. 

This is possible because the bidet has dual nozzles installed – one is for feminine wash and the other for posterior wash. Sometimes, this can also be done by a single, moveable nozzle. 

You can change the angle manually, either backward or forwards. Other models allow you to change the spray position with the help of a switch on the control panel. 

In our opinion, this is not only more hygienic but also more user-friendly. 

6. Keeping Up With the Maintenance 

Lastly, you should not forget that you have to maintain your bidet attachment’s cleaning and maintenance. It’s best to get an attachment that comes with self-cleaning nozzles, as it will save you the trouble of getting your hands dirty. 

Some models have a nozzle feature with a splash guard gate that puts a cap on the nozzle when not in use. After you use the bidet, the nozzle retracts back behind the splash guard and keeps the nozzle system clean and safe. 

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Installing a Bidet Attachment

One of the best advantages of buying a bidet attachment is that it can be easily installed. 

All you need to check is the width of the bidet attachment’s adjustable brackets to line up with the holes in your toilet bowl. They almost always line up, and no electrical connection is needed for the installation. 

This can be installed easily with less time, even if you’re not good at DIY

You might need a screwdriver, but it is not necessary. You will require an open-ended wrench that fits with your toilet’s water supply. That’s it! 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, we’d like to say that buying a bidet attachment can be a great addition to your toilet seat. A self-cleaning system can be quite appealing and convenient. 

We hope our tips help you to find the right bidet attachment to meet your needs and specifications. 

Make sure to do your research and make notes on where the control panel should be, whether you need to get a warm water bidet hose and find out about the water pressure and temperature adjustments! 


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