A Smarter Approach to a Bathroom Renovation

One of the most important rooms of a house is the bathroom, as you spend a good amount of time there and it is the best place to refresh and rejuvenate. But over time, it loses its charm and you may need to renovate it, including its shower, flooring, walls, piping, shower screen, etc. Replacing everything might pinch hefty to our pocket, but acting smart with the right budget set can help you save a lot. Here are a few bathroom renovation ideas that can renovate your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Make Fewer Alterations

Avoiding unnecessary alterations is key. You can stick to the original layout of the bathroom, and list out only major necessary changes. Discuss with the plumber and electrician to have a clear picture about the bathroom renovation. Identifying any obstacle that might need money from your pocket is another thing to be considered.

Make a Budget Plan

Make a list of sanitaryware that are necessary to be replaced, and get an estimated cost from the electrician, plumber, and any other traders. Revisit your plans before finalizing them. Do not forget to keep an additional overhead buffer for miscellaneous or unattended points.

Get Sanitaryware First

The base of every bathroom is to properly plan for sanitaryware, as fixing positions and parts decided for replacement must be checked for a few iterations. The following points must be kept in mind:

  • Choosing correct material will last you for decades, so properly plan this for your bathroom renovation.
  • Brassware for showerheads and valves is a great choice, as it prevents lime accumulation.
  • Avoid wall mounted fittings for taps, basin, and cisterns.
  • Reusing taps and pipes which had less wear and tear, old mirrors, washbasins, or furniture, which can be refurbished is a good idea.

The more you save on sanitaryware, the more you have money to invest in other areas.

Conceal Pipework

This makes the bathroom to look like it has ample space, and also adds to its overall look. But make sure that important cisterns and pipelines are accessible in case of leakage, so that we do not need to remove the plaster.

  • The installation of electrical components should be as far as possible from water pipelines to avoid short circuits.
  • Safety measures play an important role in long term bathroom renovation plans.
  • One can invest in waterproofing bathroom walls, as in the long run, this can save costly repairs.

Follow Tricks to Make it Look Spacious

Utilizing space properly gives you a handier way to deal with issues (if any) in the future. A cluttered bathroom leaves you under an awful situation after the bathroom renovation. One must keep in mind the following while planning for utilizing space in the bathroom:

  • Placing toiletries in easy reach and using furniture that efficiently utilizes the available space will give a better look to your bathroom.
  • Attaching wall-fitted furniture that suits the overall bathroom theme gives it a classy look. Just make sure to keep this furniture away from water pipelines and wet floor areas.
  • Ventilation plays an important factor in bathroom renovation, as it causes moisture to escape quickly and keeps the bathroom dry for longer.

Also, natural light coming from ventilators gives a fresher look to your bathroom, cuts electricity bills, and uplifts your mood.

Use Modern Appliances

Modern bathrooms include options like temperature control, digital faucets, light control, automatic bathtub fillers, etc. These technologies bring your experience in the bathroom to a new level, but these are optional luxuries. One can be selective among the technologies and choose a few that suit their priorities or can omit these. If opted, they must plan for the safety of the equipment and prepare wiring connections beforehand. However, remember that these must be planned before starting the electric work.

Wrapping Up

Having read the article, now you can plan your bathroom renovation with ease. We have tried bringing in all the points with the help of which you should act smart and save money.


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