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A Quick Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning

As eager as you may be to move into your newly-constructed or renovated house, making it a (livable) home begins with cleaning it! Of course, post-construction cleaning is nothing like your average household cleaning. It typically requires at least an entire day to get the job done efficiently. On the other hand, a systematic approach to cleaning a newly-built home can see awesome results in half the amount!

With that in mind, you are probably looking for ways to carry out top to bottom cleaning of your new house in the most timely and effective manner. At this stage, you can either opt for a post-construction cleaning service or follow this DIY cleaning guide with quick tips below! 

Do-it-Yourself Post-Construction Cleaning Guide & Tips

Taking charge and planning how you will clean the house one step at a time will certainly help you finish the task faster. For this, you need to consider which areas require more attention or a deeper clean and go about doing it as systematically as possible. 

Use this guide and the bonus tips from the professional cleaners at Maid For You to get your precious new home all cleaned up and move-in ready!

1. Prepare for the Clean

First things first; the essentials tools and products needed for the clean must all be at hand for a quick and organised clean. On top of this, it is advisable to wear a dust mask, protective eyewear, and full-length attire. The reasons for this are owed to allergies and eye and skin irritation associated with exposure to dust. 

Listed below are the things you will need for your after-builders clean:

  • Long-handled broom
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfibre dust cloths
  • Ladder
  • Anti-bacterial surface cleaners
  • Bathroom cleaning products
  • Scrubbers and bathroom brushes
  • Mop and bucket
  • Old toothbrush (optional)

2. Increase Ventilation in the House

The musty odour and suffocating air trapped in a house that has recently been constructed or renovated needs to be let out. Moreover, creating ventilation helps to draw out airborne dust as you go about cleaning around the house. The best way to do this is by opening up all the windows and entrances to the house, as well as bedroom and bathroom doors. 

3. Clean Each Component of the House at a Time

Rather than cleaning one room at a time, clean one component throughout the house; for example, clean the ceiling of each room in the house instead of just one room. This makes more sense because if you were to finish cleaning an entire room before moving on to an adjacent one, dust and dirt from the next room are more than likely to makes their way back to the one you just cleaned. Furthermore, cleaning in this manner saves time!

4. Clean from Top to Bottom (Ceilings First)

Yes, you will still find dust settling on cleaned surfaces when you start at the top and make your way to the bottom, however, it won’t be nearly as much as it would if post-construction cleaning was tackled in an unsystematic manner. For home interiors, starting at the top means cleaning the ceiling with a long-handled broom (you may require a ladder for this). Remember to go into each room and clean the ceilings thoroughly before moving on to the next component.

5. Sweep the Walls

Interior walls are prone to dust during construction and hence, will need to be cleaned. Wall cleaning is something that needs to be done after cleaning the ceiling because a lot of dust from these two components of the house will become airborne and settle on lower surfaces. To remove dust from interior walls, use your long-handled broom and, again, clean from top to bottom.

6. Dust Fans and Lighting/Wall Fixtures

During a home renovation project, fans and permanent wall fixtures are likely to get covered in dust, even more, because you have just cleaned the ceilings and walls. You will need a ladder and microfibre cloth to dust them off and, perhaps, the use of an old toothbrush to clean any narrow or intricate spaces. After the initial dusting, use a damp cloth to wipe over them for a thorough clean.

7. Vacuum Up as Much Dust Throughout the House

At this point, there will be a lot of dust and debris settled on the floor and other surfaces. While it may seem like more work, the best way to get rid of dust is to do one job twice. For example, if you quickly vacuum up dust bunnies and large dirt around the house, it won’t get in your way later when you are attempting to clean a particular surface thoroughly. Moreover, the post-construction cleaning of a floor requires more than one clean to completely get rid of fine dust. 

8. Wipe and Sanitise Surfaces 

Kitchen counters, cabinets, switchboards, and other surfaces should not only be wiped to remove dust but sanitised as well. For this, dampen a dust cloth with an anti-bacterial cleaning product and wipe down these areas after you have used a dry cloth to remove dust.

9. Clean the Floors

Now, it’s time to give the floors a complete and thorough vacuuming. Use a brush attachment to help pick up fine debris and to clean corners efficiently. Vacuum each room until you have cleaned the flooring of the entire house. It should also be mentioned that you will need to take your time with this step to go over each area a couple of times for a truly thorough clean. To finish off your after-builders floor cleaning, mop it with a pleasant-smelling floor cleaner.

10. Clean Air Vents

Post-construction cleaning is incomplete without inspecting air vents in the house. They often get clogged with dust and debris which gradually get pushed back into your home, or become airborne and cause allergic reactions. To clean them out, vacuum inside the vents and wipe down the grids with a damp dust cloth.

11. Wash the Bathrooms

While the bathrooms of a newly-built house will be unused up until this point, they will also be covered in dust and debris. Therefore, the same cleaning methods used for the rest of the house must be applied in bathrooms too; i.e. to clean the ceiling, walls, wall fixtures, etc. Clean other components thereafter, such as the sink, toilet, and floor.

As we mentioned earlier, post-construction cleaning is no walk in the park! Nonetheless, following the trusty guide above and implementing the tips to support it will help you get your new home cleaned up quicker than you thought possible!


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