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8 Excellent Tips To Optimise Your Ecommerce Website Today

Can you recollect the last time that you needed to buy a product online, and you went on the internet to find that product? Wasn’t your first stop for it, just like millions of other users, Google? Google has very prominently risen as one of the main stops on the internet for users to find any product online. A noteworthy aspect is that most users do not have the kind of time and patience to go beyond a maximum of 2 pages in the search results.

You need to optimise your e-commerce website correctly so that it ranks highly in Google’s search engine results. This is imperative because if you aren’t popping up in your potential buyers’ search results, there’s no scope for them to visit your online store. Perhaps they’ll even remain completely unaware about your existence.

SEO has made it possible to tweak a few changes in your website and make it appear wildly on any user’s search page. We’re providing you with some of the most effective ways to optimise your website online right below.

1. Optimising your Keywords

It goes without saying that keywords are the most integral aspect of SEO. This is because keywords direct any user to your page based on what search terms they enter into Google.

Conduct extensive keyword research. Start by figuring out the keywords relevant to your brand or product and then check out the relevancy, search volume, and difficulty in ranking for them. Make sure you use Google Keyword Planner to get the best possible results.

It is also a good idea to check out your competitors’ pages to see what important keywords they might be using to gather more on-page traffic.

2. Optimising Page Loading Time

The amount of time it takes for your website to display all its content entirely heavily reflects on the viewership. A faster loading page will lead to pleasant user experience. This will decrease the number of people exiting the site immediately due to slow loading and will effectively improve the search engine rankings. Your rankings will improve as Google displays sites with faster loading speed much higher in the search results.

3. Optimising Website Layout and Formatting

Proper formatting and user-friendly design will make your website more appealing and attractive for visitors, and they are more likely to stick around.

Using easy-to-read font sizes, using the right kind of fonts and colours, highlighting what is important. Using short paragraphs, bulleted points, numbering, and ample spacing between paragraphs and features such as sliders, structured grids and drop-down-menus to organise your content better.

4. Optimising Customer Reviews

Getting your customers’ valuable feedback and criticism is very crucial for an online store. Customer feedback positively affects SEO because more reviews provide fresh content, which makes Google bring your website higher on its pages. This not only optimises your site but also helps you understand the customers’ needs, likes and grievances better and helps improve your product or your service.

5. Engaging content

Everyone knows that content is king, and the content you display on your site sets you apart from your competitors and acts as an effective marketing tool. Providing accurate, informative and crisp content is necessary to keep customers engaged so that they spend more time on your website can boost your sales. Content has also been known to rank your site higher in search engine algorithms. Also ensure that the content is well displayed, easy to comprehend and easily accessible to a general audience. Using jargons or complicated words only drives the audience away. A good and engaging browsing experience is only achieved when the content is informative.

6. Optimising Images

Several e-commerce businesses forget that SEO isn’t supposed to only focus on the text, but also on your product images. Making sure that your images are of an appropriate size and pixels, prevents your site from lagging due to immensely large pictures. Also, one should remember to use relevant keywords when naming files and add descriptive captions, that helps Google easily find and follow the context of your pictures.

7. Featured Content

By displaying featured, popular or trending products on the side columns or on the homepage of your website will alert the visitors and returning customers about the newest sales offers. Featuring content can also maximise the chances of selling products of your company. This section shouldn’t be skipped because it’s something that visitors first lookout for.

As search engines evolve daily, SEO ranking fluctuates. However, the one constant is that it is always going to be based on good usability. To optimise your search ranking and gather traffic to your website, design your website tactfully keeping the important points in mind, while creating topmost quality original content for your variety of customers.

8. Choose a smart domain name

It cannot be stressed upon enough that choosing the right domain name is very important for your website and its performance. It is essential that the domain name you choose is related to the product you’re selling. For a product like footwear- shoes or sandals, for instance, you should try and directly include it in the domain name. If your website is called bestfootwear.com or onlineshoeshop.com that makes it appear more easily when a person types exactly what they are looking for.  Also keep in mind that the shorter the domain name is, the easier it is for your brand to have a recall value.  So, always consider using shorter and more popular domain names.

Optimising your online store for obtaining organic traffic is a continuous process requiring ongoing effort. You have to constantly stay updated and work continuously on new changes that appear in the market and on search engine algorithms. You need to always keep in mind that there are millions of e-commerce stores on the web today, and the competition is very tough. Making your page stand out from the rest is not easy, and that’s why you need to follow the given rules and in turn, optimise your e-commerce store well and inspire individuals to shop with you.


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