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7 Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Your home’s bathrooms are among the most frequently used rooms in your home, and they can also be among the dirtiest spaces. While all rooms will become unclean with dust and other elements over time, bathroom grime can also include mildew, rust, water spots and the filth around the toilet. Even though bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms, they can take the longest to clean. These tips can help you to make light work of the difficult cleaning task in front of you. If you are in the area, check out Cleanzen home cleaning to help with difficult chores.

Create a Clear Work Area

If you are like most people, your bathroom counters are cluttered. The floor is home to a bathroom scale, a laundry basket and a few rugs. Even the shower and tub areas have their fair share of items lying around them. You could move these items around in different locations as you clean, or you could save time and energy by clearing them out of the room while you work. In fact, you can get started by tossing the towels and bathroom rugs in the washing machine.

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Work from the Top Down

Have you ever wondered which area of the bathroom is the best one to focus on first? As a general rule of thumb, you should clean all of your rooms from the top down. Dirt and other matter will fall as you make your way through the space, so working from the top down ensures you create the cleanest space possible. With this in mind, start by dusting the light fixtures and knocking cobwebs away from the corners. The floor should be the last thing that you clean. 

Clean with Warm Vinegar

White vinegar has acidic properties perfect for breaking down hard water stains, sanitizing various surfaces and making them shine. You can easily heat white vinegar in the microwave before you pour it into a spray bottle. Then, use it to clean everything from your bathroom mirror to the tile and glass in the shower. 

Target Mildew with Baking Soda

Bleach is commonly used to clean mildew from bathrooms. It may erase all mildew signs in most areas, but you may have a few stubborn areas of concern that linger. Baking soda is the perfect ingredient to use to target these tough stains. Simply create a thick paste using an ample amount of baking soda with water. Allow the paste to dry on the surface for a few hours before wiping it away. If the stain is still visible, repeat the process. However, before wiping the dry paste away, spray it with warm vinegar. The vinegar and baking soda will bubble, and this extra physical action could make it easier to scrub away the mildew. 

Use a Squeegee

Do you use a towel or a paper towel to dry off the glass surfaces in your bathroom? If so, you are familiar with the small lint and fuzz pieces that these items leave behind. A better solution is to use a squeegee. The squeegee will wick away the moisture cleanly so that you are left with a spotless piece of glass. An alternative is to use a microfiber cloth. However, you will need to use a dry cloth for each area where you work. Because of this, you may need a full set of cloth nearby to tackle all of your chores. 

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Stick Accessories in the Dishwasher

When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom cup, toothbrush holder and soap dish? You may wipe these accessories down from time to time, but you may not sanitize them as frequently as they should be washed. The fast and easy way to clean these items is to place them in the dishwasher. 

Sanitise the Toilet Regularly

Does your toilet get filthy in between cleaning sessions? This is common in heavily used bathrooms, and it can impact everything from aesthetics to your health. While you can always add an extra toilet cleaning session into your weekly chores, you could take a shortcut. In between your weekly sessions, drop a denture-cleaning tablet into the toilet bowl when you notice it getting dirty. 

Cleaning a bathroom is a strenuous, dirty job. When you do not give this area your full attention as frequently as is needed, you could face a much more challenging cleaning project when you do decide to tackle the chores. 


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