5 Ways a Naturopath Can Help With Weight Loss

In order to live a healthy and happy life, it’s important to be within a healthy weight range.

This isn’t always about appearance and how you look, there is no denying that when you’re happy with your appearance, you’re happier on the inside. No, being within a healthy weight range means that you are, literally healthier. You have less risk factors for serious diseases and you’re giving your body want it needs, in the right amounts.

If you Google ‘weight loss’ you’ll find all manner of so-called quick fixes, but the bottom line is that if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, and if you want to keep it off over the long-term, you need to make lifestyle changes. This means focusing on a healthy and varied diet, plenty of exercise, and ensuring that you get enough sleep every single night.

Despite that, there are some natural methods you can try which can boost your weight loss efforts, provide you use them alongside the healthy lifestyle changes we’ve just mentioned.

Naturopathy could be one of those natural methods.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a natural healing method which helps to rid the body of imbalances, toxins and aligns the chakras at the same time. The good thing about naturopathy is that it doesn’t promise unrealistic results, it focuses on health and wellbeing, giving your body the things it needs, ridding the body of the things it doesn’t need, and making positive lifestyle changes.

No quick fixes, no fad diets, just quality health advice.

There are various holistic therapies which fall within the naturopathy remit, such as exploring your health and diagnosing any underlying problems, looking towards herbs as a medicinal management technique, learning to let go of emotional upset and trauma, and making changes which will benefit the mind, body, and soul.

By doing this, naturopathy treats the health problem at its very core, avoiding associated side effects, such as weight gain. There is usually a hope to avoid medicines and other synthetic additions to the body in naturopathy, simply because it is a natural healing method which encourages the body to heal itself. This is where naturopathy becomes a little controversial because modern medicine is more aligned towards the medicinal route.

5 Ways Naturopathy Can Help You to Lose Weight

Cleansing The Body of Toxins

One of the mainstays of naturopathy is to cleanse the body of toxins, leaving behind a completely clean and fresh foundation. This means that your body is rejuvenated, fresh and as a result it is able to work more effectively. This can help you to lose weight as a rather beneficial side effect, but will also give you far more energy as a result.

Using Probiotics to Improve Gut Health

Naturopaths often advise you to change your diet in order to cut out any foods you might have intolerances or sensitivities towards. They will also help you to identify the type of diet you have and advise you on what you should cut out in order to lose weight gradually over time. Some of that advice is likely to include probiotics.

There are many foods which are high in natural probiotic content, such as yogurt, miso, dark chocolate (in moderation), sauerkraut, pickles, buttermilk, etc. By increasing your intake of natural probiotics you’re helping the good bacteria in your stomach do battle with the bad. This can reduce stomach issues, such as IBS, bloating and general discomfort, and help you to absorb the nutrition in your food much more effectively.

Realigns The Chakras

Another part of naturopathy is helping to realign the chakras within the body. It is thought that when your chakras are blocked or misaligned, you’re open to physical illness and problems as as result. By detoxing the body and realigning the chakras, you can clear any blockages and allow energy to move freely throughout the body. This could also help you to overcome any physical problem which might have weight gain as a side effect, such as digestion problems or thyroid issues.

Diagnoses Any Underlying Medical Issues

The whole point of naturopathy is to do things the natural way and that means exploring your health and diagnosing problems which might be a cause for symptoms you’re experiencing. Once these are diagnosed, the right natural route to help overcome them, usually via natural supplements, is identified and given to you.

Many medical problems can cause weight gain, such as thyroid problems or food intolerances. Once these are identified you can work towards reducing them and therefore lose weight as a result.

Gives Lifestyle Advice

Naturopaths will also look at your general lifestyle and tell you what you’re doing wrong. This could mean that you need to look at your sleep pattern. Many people aren’t aware that not getting enough sleep can lead towards obesity, and your naturopathy may then give you natural advice on how to increase the quality of your sleep, perhaps with a natural supplement, a herbal tea to drink before you sleep, or other lifestyle advice.

We already mentioned that a naturopath is likely to look at your diet first and foremost, to help you overcome any problems which may be causing physical illness, but it’s also about the mind too. This is also about overcoming mental stress and emotional problems, which could be contributing to poor physical health and manifesting as symptoms.

A healthier lifestyle in general will help you to lose weight naturally and effectively, and the advice you’re given by your naturopath will therefore be extremely beneficial.

To Sum Up

There are many medical conditions which go undiagnosed, and there are many medical conditions which are treated with medication.Whilst you should always listen to your doctor and take medications if they advise you to do so, you may want to seek natural advice as an alternative too. This is your choice.

We know that certain medications do cause weight gain as a side effect, and going down the naturopathy route may help you to overcome that. If nothing else, naturopathy also teaches you about the importance of giving your body what it needs, in order to live a healthy and happy life, within a healthy weight range. 

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