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5 Key Tips for Cleaning After A Renovation

The eagerness to see the results of a home or office renovation always makes us forget how messy the process can be. If you have ever renovated a part of your home or even the office, then you have a rough idea of how much dirt and debris can be left behind. And, this is why post renovation cleaning is necessary.

Unlike other types of cleaning, post-renovation cleaning is more intensive, and it aims to make your space liveable again. If your home has just been renovated and you are wondering what next, below are five things you should know about post-renovation cleans.

1. It Takes More Time Than Normal Cleans

As we have mentioned earlier, post-renovation cleans are more intensive and take up more time than other regular types of cleaning. During renovations, the entire place will get dusty due to the demolition or construction of your walls. And although a DIY clean-up can be done, it can’t remove the dust within the premises completely. You need to hire a professional cleaning company that uses state of the art equipment and has cleaning experts that are skilled at dirt/dust removal.

Ensure you hire a cleaning expert that has been conducting post-renovation cleans for long. As a result, we have gathered the necessary experience when it comes to dust removal. To ensure your premises are dust-free, we re-clean the area several times, and this is why the clean-up can take longer. This is why its advised to book early in advance so that the clean-up can be scheduled in time.

2. Post Renovation Cleans are Not Limited to the Renovated Area Only

Contrary to everyone’s opinion, this type of cleans is not limited only to the renovated area. For instance, if you were only renovating your bedroom, we also highly recommend that you allow our professionals to clean the adjacent rooms and corridors too.

Unlike dirt, dust is capable of finding its way into other areas, especially if the renovation area wasn’t enclosed. This is why post-renovation cleans aren’t limited to renovated areas. To be on the safe side, follow a cleaning checklist on which other rooms should be cleaned.

3. DIY Cleaning Solutions aren’t Effective for Post Renovation Cleans

You might probably be used to your basic DIY cleaning solutions such as vinegar and baking soda. However, the third thing you should know about post home or office renovation cleaning is that DIY solutions aren’t enough to completely clean your home after a major renovation.

A robust cleaning solution is the only remedy for a major renovation. And it’s why our team only sticks to strong cleaning agents and uses professional equipment to remove dust and dirt from all corners.

Please be informed that during dirt and dust removal, we also wear protective gear to avoid inhaling these two elements. This is another reason why you should refrain from conducting post-renovation cleans, especially when you don’t have the necessary equipment, cleaning solutions and safety gear.

4. Should be Done after the Renovation is Completed

In a hurry to begin re-using the premises, you might be tempted to conduct post renovation clean-up when the project is yet to be completed or in its final stages. However, we highly discourage our clients from doing so.

This kind of cleaning should be done when the contractors have completed the renovation project. You may not see the need at the moment but even the slightest of renovation tasks can be messy. And, doing the cleaning before might be in vain should the contractors conduct more projects on the premises. Also having cleaners and contractors doing different tasks in the same area can be quite inconveniencing for both. You should wait until everything is done. And should the clean-up date arrive, and your contractors are still renovating, get in touch with a flexible professional cleaner to reschedule your cleaning date.

5. The Best Way to Clean-up a Renovation Project is By Hiring Expert Cleaners

Having been in this line of work for years, we have conducted thousands of post-renovation clean-up. And we have to insist on the importance of hiring an expert to clean after a renovation project. Whether you were renovating your living room, bedroom or kitchen, the premise can look quite unsightly after the renovation is done.

Hiring an expert cleaner is an excellent way for you to ensure the post-construction location is spotless and looks its best. We have dealt with countless post-renovation cleans and offer top-notch cleaning services. If you are interested in hiring a professional post-renovation cleaner, get in touch with us today.


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