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3 things your new office has to have

When it comes to getting your new office ready and functional, it’s not just about work and getting it, all done. Office space is also an expression of your Company’s culture. A well-designed office space embodies the branding, vision and culture of a business. Creating a new office space isn’t just about buying or renting a new one, it’s essential to create the ultimate work environment to allow staff to work effectively and positively.

Making your office an ambient, comfortable workplace ensures better efficiency and productivity of the workforce and promotes a professional and inspiring work culture.

So, keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the three important things that your new office has to have:

1.   Attractive & efficient layout: 

An attractive office layout for your new office is the basis of building a professional work environment for your people. It is the foundation that represents your office culture and creates good vibes in the minds of your team members.

Office managers who are into administrative roles must plan well in advance for an appropriate and suitable office design layout, after leasing or buying new office space.

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Your new office space greatly affects how well your employees perform and enjoy their jobs, so it’s not just about how suited it is to them, but also how efficient it is for them. An efficient workspace promotes employee productivity and keeps them motivated.

Also, an efficient office space provides for better teamwork and collaboration within the company. If the business relies on teamwork or collaboration among multiple employees, then office managers have to ensure a group-oriented open office layout that fosters maximum employee engagement and interactions.

Also, comfortable sitting arrangements must be ensured where an employee can work without distractions so they can remain focused throughout the working day.

An attractive office design layout promotes ideal aesthetics inside the office premises that is quintessential for employee morale and inspiration. However, aesthetics plays an equally important role in home office design. An ideal home office design creates the right ambience and atmosphere for work at home.

Therefore, when having a new office space, the overall look and appeal of the office layout impact the company’s branding because it’s what people notice when they walk in the door. At the same time, an efficient office layout promotes professional work culture, increases productivity, fosters better teamwork and collaboration and keeps that motivation up and going.

2.   Utility-based furniture & accessories:

When looking to open a new office, installing furniture that is practical, ergonomic, and is the right fit for the office is imperative. Office administrative managers should be careful to install the right type of furniture in their new office that caters to their work requirements.

For instance, a business that requires more teamwork and collaboration should have the right fitting furniture installed such as modular workstations for groups, conference tables, meeting room chairs, etc.

Similarly, ergonomic office furniture is highly significant in today’s modern-day work environment. Adding an ergonomic office chair can drastically improve the posture, reduce back pain and ultimately improve the productivity of an employee.

Person in light blue collared shirt leaning back on office chair whilst reading paper

Utility-based furniture in your new office also ensures optimum safety for the users. For office managers, it’s a good idea to position workstations that offer plenty of space and safety features for the employees using them.

For example, electrical cords and tripping lines embedded safely inside the body of the workstation can help reduce office accidents such as shock damage by an electrical wire or tripping over the extended network or telephone lines.

Also, a high-risk environment may need secured workplaces accessible by authorized personnel only. For instance, the new office might require installing a new server room which is crucial for the office’s IT (Information Technology) requirements. It’s a place where only specialized IT professionals could enter, being a high heat zone.

Office accessories that help to secure such places are of high significance and crucial while establishing a new office setup. Prominent examples are such as cable management systems, soft wiring, office partition accessories, etc.

3.   Optimal storage & space planning:

When setting up a new office, another important factor to be considered is that the new office space provides for optimal storage space within the limited hired or bought estate’s area. Office administrative managers should look for innovative storage ideas that foster a free-flowing working environment and at the same provide ample storage solutions. Some prominent examples of the same are optimal storage units such as mobile shelves and bookcase caddies, height-adjustable shelves, mobile pedestals, lateral filing cabinets, etc.

Planning for optimal storage space also depends upon the staff strength in your new office, the set budget, and the scale of business operations.

Nonetheless, innovative ways of optimizing your office storage help you to take care of these concerning factors. For example, office desks with integrated vertical shelves and storage drawers help in utilizing the space most optimally. Integrated shelves and racks installed on office walls can help in reducing floor occupancy and create space for other important office units.

Spacious office with plenty of distance between tables and chairs

Proper space planning is another task that every office administrative manager has to handle. In the limited office space available, well-planned accommodation is very important and crucial. An office administrative manager must manage the convenience and easy access to things and equipment of daily usage by the office staff.

For example, storage space for supplies and materials within easy reach of the desk can improve the productivity of the staff. A location near the shared resources can also help on the same.

Smart space planning for your new office, not only saves time but also helps in utilising maximum space available in the new office area.

Therefore, finding the perfect location for your new office is just the start of creating and establishing the new office set-up. The way the office managers plan and layout the space that is capable of meeting the different needs and requirements of the office and its employees is quintessential. It makes it all the more important that office managers take the time to carefully plan the office space and storage requirements.


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