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10 Highly Paid Healthcare Professions You Can Pursue a Career in

Modern medicine has made leaps and bounds in the past few centuries. We have come out from an age where some diseases which are easily treatable today, were considered a death sentence in the past. Humans have evolved in their thought in this regard. They have learned to think outside the box when it comes to finding new discoveries for science. Without the help of the modern-day cutting-edge technology, we wouldn’t have been able to make some of the discoveries we have today. Cancer wasn’t curable up to 100 years ago. People died from pneumonia more than we ever thought, the life expectancy has gone up more than we could have ever imagined. 

With the tireless work of the medical practitioners and researchers, we have been able to grow as a society, one with stable healthcare security. The managed healthcare system has so much faith in the medical system that they have made an entire industry on how secure they think medical practice is.
Medical practice has also become the most sought after the field for a career. There is no denying in that parents around the world brag proudly about the fact that their children are doctors.

Medical practice has come to be an extremely respectable field as well as an extremely lucrative one. Though the latter shouldn’t be part of your decision to become a doctor, it’s not common to hear conversations related to earning potential and medical practice in the same sentence.

Whether you are looking to become an after-hours doctor in Sydney or a neurosurgeon in Melbourne you will most certainly be growing in your career. Here are ten unranked lucrative career ideas for you if you are a medical student.

1. Neurologists

Neurologists and neurosurgeons are some of the smartest doctors. It goes without saying that our brain is probably our most complex organ. Therefore, you can understand why they are in such high demand. Neurosurgery is amongst the most complex surgeries in the world, and due to this, they have come to be adequately compensated for their efforts.

2. Cardiologists

Cardiologists are also some of the most sought-after medical practitioners. They are considered to be irreplaceable in the medical field. Moreover, they are also an imperative part of societies with an aging population. Understandably, as your heart is often the most common organ to give out as you age, the need for cardiologists in aging societies is very high.

3. Gynecologists

Women need their own special doctors when it comes to their health, especially their reproductive health. Most women aren’t comfortable going to a male gynecologist; therefore, it is a fairly female-dominated field. However, it can certainly pay well, depending on where you are working. A well-placed Gynecologist can be worth their weight in gold If they play their cards right.

4. Orthopedics 

Again, with an aging population, you want to be sure that they don’t have arthritis and osteoporosis creeping upon them. An orthopedist is very important in any hospital or clinic, especially when you are dealing with the elderly or those who are moving from middle age to an aging population. They focus on the health of our bones, joints and muscles.

5. Psychiatry

Though psychiatry has only recently come to be taken seriously by society, we need to understand how important it is that we have enough therapists, especially in developing societies. The unique bridge which they create between social, emotional and medical is one which they can only achieve after years of practice and expertise. For this reason, they too have made their place as very highly paid professionals.

Other than traditional practice, we thought that we might talk about the lesser-known practical experience which you can engage in and still get paid a reasonable amount. There is no one who can say that one is less than the other. They are all serving their function in society, hence the reason why we thought not to make this a ranked list.

6. Research

Medical research is what has got us where we are today. If we didn’t have people taking time out to find discoveries in medicine, we might not be where we are. Research is possibly the backbone of medical practice and is making a breakthrough every day. Through new discoveries and patents, you can make a good amount of money and even become famous!

7. Teaching

There is no surprise that medical teachers earn a pretty amount of money. Other than having vast experience in the medical field, they also have the chance to distribute some of the things which they have learned over the years. Much like research, they are certainly giving back to the medical community and training future generations.

8. Emergency Response

When we mean health care professionals, we don’t always mean doctors. First responders and first aid specialists are specifically trained on how to deal with situational and stressful emergencies. Therefore, you would understand why they too, are paid fairly well. 

9. School Nurse and Doctor

Since children get up to all kinds of wild activities in their everyday lives, you can assume that they will be hurting themselves quite a bit. A school isn’t complete with their health care professional on their payroll. They need to be on-site to deal with any emergencies which may occur amongst the children.

10. Management

Though you may have a background in health care practice, no one would know how to handle the place better than someone who has had experience in the field. Though you may not be imparting your experience directly, ensuring that things are running smoothly is important too. Any business grad can do your job, but they are going to know about the intricate details about a hospital the way you would.


We hope that this article has been helpful to you and that you consider going in for some of the careers recommended. Medical practice is an extremely honourable field, and we want to ensure that people take it seriously for the cause and not the money.


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